About our company

The history behind the name

Tocantins Communications was named after the last installed state in Brazil in 1988, Tocantins. The name originated in one of the largest rivers in South America, which is also the site of the largest fluvial island in the world.

Tocantins is a Tupi word in the language of the first peoples of the land we call Brazil and signifies toucan beak.

Tocantins Communications was created in 1988 offering Portuguese-English translation services. In 2022 we expanded to offer cultural consulting, research writing, dissertation coaching, and process server.

We have experience in providing exceptional Portuguese-English translation services to individuals, small businesses, and large companies in various fields, from academic, entertainment, and health, to legal, policy, and economic areas.

Our cultural consulting expertise, Portuguese language training, and academic research in every aspect of Brazilian life provide your company with the essentials to effectively conduct business, research, or simply connect with Brazil and Brazilians.

And our academic writing experience will guide you on your graduate thesis journey.

For your legal needs, we provide legal translations and process server.

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